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LIFE Mission/Vision

MISSION: The B’nai Moshe L.I.F.E. Program will give a safe, enriching, engaging, and stimulating Jewish educational experience; an experience which the children love, one that instills confidence and promotes excellence in Judaic studies and Hebrew skills.  The L.I.F.E. Program will nurture Conservative Jewish values, a devotion to God and Torah, strong student-teacher relationships, ethical values, and a connection to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

VISION: The B’nai Moshe L.I.F.E. Program will educate its students to become lifelong practicing Jews.  Students will learn the knowledge and ritual needed to actively participate in the synagogue; they will continue to develop positive attitudes about their Judaism; and they will develop positive connections to the synagogue and the wider Jewish world. To reach these outcomes teachers will use a multitude of instructional strategies to engage all students.

Students and their families will learn to actively participate in Jewish rituals, both in synagogue and at home.  They will be knowledgeable and learn to further enrich their lives through Conservative Judaism.  Students will read Hebrew with fluency by the time of their bar/bat mitzvah.  They will have a broad knowledge of Jewish history from biblical to modern times.

The children will positively identify themselves as confident, Conservative Jews with a devotion to God and Torah.  They will feel safe when entering the building and will see the synagogue as their second home.  The synagogue will be the place young adults choose to congregate on Shabbat and other holidays, practice Jewish ritual and prayer, and have their life-cycle events

Students will form life-long, strong bonds of friendship and will uphold strong ethics both among each other and outside of the L.I.F.E. program.  Teachers will strive for strong relationships with students and among themselves.  Students will also feel strong connections to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.